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Count by 1 to 100 video

Let’s Count to 100 by 1’s

Hello, friends! Thanks for stopping by. In today’s video, we’ll be counting to 100 by 1’s. It takes a little bit of time but when you’re singing and dancing the[…]

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ABC Song for ESL Students

The Alphabet Song for ESL Students

Hey, Rocketeers! Diggle here and today, we’re back to the basics with the Alphabet Song for ESL students! This remix includes ABC phonics and is fun for young English language[…]

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Skip Counting by 10

Skip Counting! Let’s Count to 100 by 10!

Have you watched our video about counting to 100 by 5? If so, then you should be ready for counting to 100 by 10! Just like last time, we’re not[…]

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