English Songs for Kids!

RocketFox English is a resource for children, parents and ESL/EFL teachers to make learning English fun and memorable. We aim to educate through entertainment! Learning a new language can be challenging, but with Diggle, Luke and Lily, it won’t feel like work.

For Parents & Teachers

Parents and ESL teachers, you will find that we have a ton of free and premium resources for teaching English to your children or students. We have developed these resources – ESL worksheets, videos, books and songs – to be fun and interactive.

Our Team

Diggle – The founder and primary content creator for RocketFox English. He spent a year teaching English in Suwon, South Korea before moving to Yangzhou, China to teach first grade English for three years.

Jiayan – A creative collaborator, professional translator (Mandarin and English), and language instructor, specializing in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She has been teaching and translating for more than five years.