English Songs for Kids!

Subitize Flashcards - FREE Download

Subitize Flashcards (FREE Printable)

Subitize… It’s a strange word for a simple concept. Basically, you look at a set of objects and determine the number of objects without counting each one. Most people can subitize up to about 7 but with practice you can go higher. Can you subitize? Subitize Look at the slide and try to determine the…
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Learn Basic Shapes

Learn Basic Shapes with Surprise Eggs!

If you’ve learned the basic shapes using our shapes vocabulary video, then this is a great practice game. Each surprise egg has a different shape inside. When the egg opens, call out the shape! You can play against one of your friends and see who gets them first. Oh, and don’t forget to download the…
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Tic Tac Toe Game for Kids

Tic Tac Toe Song (Fun Game for Kids)

Today’s song is a little different. It’s a simple song for tic tac toe. Have you ever played tic tac toe? All you need is a piece of paper, a pen or pencil and a friend or family member. The goal is to get three of your letter in a row. One person is X…
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Hidden Picture Puzzle for Kids

Find Shapes in 20 Seconds! Hidden Pictures Vol.2

Hurray! Our second hidden pictures video is out. Today, we’re looking for hidden shapes. Keep your eyes peeled! Even the hardest working students and ESL learners need to take a break and have fun. That why we’ve made the hidden picture video series. Did you know we also have instrumental study music available too? (With…
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Hidden Pictures Puzzle

Play the Hidden Pictures Game! Find Luke in 20 Seconds!

Hello, Rocketeers! While studying can be fun, we can’t do it ALL the time. Take a quick break with our first hidden pictures game. I’ve always liked hidden picture puzzles ever since I first played Where’s Waldo? so many years ago. This game is a little different but similar. How to Play A picture will…
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