English Songs for Kids!

Basic Colors - Learning the Colors of the Rainbow

Basic Colors: Learning the Colors of the Rainbow

Hello, friends! What are the basic colors? If you don’t already know, we will start out by learning the colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink. Practice the names of the colors with our English pronunciation guide. Learning The Colors of the Rainbow Primary and Secondary Colors The three primary colors…
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What Shape Is It

What Shape Is It?

Hello, Rocketeers! Diggle here with another 2D shapes lesson. Today we’ll learn how to ask and answer, “What shape is it?” Once you feel comfortable with the names of the shapes, we can learn this simple question and answer dialogue. For Example What shape is it? It’s a… It’s a square. It’s a circle. In…
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What is ESL? Who is it for?

What is ESL and Who is it For?

If you’re new to English language education, it may seem confusing with so many acronyms thrown around. TEFL, TESOL, ELL, ESL, CELTA and so many more. Today, I want to take a few moments to hopefully provide some clarity on these terms, define what ESL is, and who is it for. What is ESL? ESL…
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2D Shapes Coloring Book - FREE

2D Shapes Coloring Book for Children (FREE Download)

Hello, Rocketeers! Diggle here with a free download for you! We’ve put together a 2D shapes coloring book for children. With our coloring book, your children or students will learn the basic shapes and shapes names while having fun. This is a great add-on activity if you have already watched our 2D shapes video. With…
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Twinkle Twinkle Instrumental - Nursery Rhyme Hip Hop

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Instrumental with Lyrics

Hi, friends! Diggle here. I made a Twinkle Twinkle nursery rhyme remix. The song is set to a hip hop style beat for a fun take on a classic children’s nursery rhyme. Nursery rhymes are catchy songs that provide exposure to simple English words. Their simplicity makes them easy to learn and memorize. You can…
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