Let’s Count to 100 by 1’s

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Let’s Count to 100 by 1’s

Count by 1 to 100 video

Hello, friends! Thanks for stopping by. In today’s video, we’ll be counting to 100 by 1’s. It takes a little bit of time but when you’re singing and dancing the time will fly by!

If you want to learn pronunciation for numbers up to 20, check out this video. Otherwise, you should be all set to count to 100. Just follow along with Diggle.


Here we go!

Count to 100!

Counting is a foundational skill for children. It’s not only essential for math, but it’s also relevant for every day life such as understanding prices, temperature, and financial transactions. As you know, counting to 100 and beyond is most useful for math. So let’s strengthen those skills together!

When you have a good grasp of the numbers, try our other counting videos. We count to 100 by 5 and by 10.