Count 1 to 20 in English

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Count 1 to 20 in English

Count 1 to 20 Pronunciation - RocketFox English

Hopefully you have mastered counting to 10 with our two previous videos – count to 10 pronunciation guide and our counting to 10 chant.

Now let’s move on to larger numbers. We continue counting from 10 all the way up to 20. First, we do a phonics breakdown of each number and then practice chanting the numbers.

Don’t forget to download the free numbers writing practice worksheets below! No log-in or membership required.

Count to 20 Pronunciation

Stay tuned for more counting songs and videos.

1-20 Numbers Writing Practice Worksheet (FREE)
Download a free writing practice worksheet. Pro Tip: Save paper by printing one copy of each sheet, placing each one in a sheet protector and writing with a dry erase marker! Count-1-to-20-Writing-Worksheets