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Subitize Flashcards (FREE Printable)

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Subitize… It’s a strange word for a simple concept.

Basically, you look at a set of objects and determine the number of objects without counting each one. Most people can subitize up to about 7 but with practice you can go higher. Can you subitize?


Look at the slide and try to determine the number of dots in 3 seconds without counting each dot.

Subitize 3 - practice

Try another one.

Subitize 6 - practice

Scroll down for the answers… 🙂

Subitize Flashcards

Practice with these free flashcards. We also have two subitize videos to help you learn the skill. With some practice, you’ll be a pro. There are 4 flashcards per page. You can print them out and practice with a friend.

Flashcard Tips

  • Cut them out and glue them to thick card stock or the cardboard from an empty cereal container.
  • Place the flashcards in a hat or bag and draw them out one at a time.
  • Use a stopwatch to check response time or use a countdown set to 3 seconds or so.
Subitize Flashcards (FREE Printable)
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Subitize Example Answers

Subitize 3 Answer - practice
Subitize 6 Answer - practice