Subitize Rap Song (Up To 10)

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Subitize Rap Song (Up To 10)

Subitize Rap by RocketFox English

Have you ever looked at a group of something – trees, flowers, candy, toy cars – and knew right away how many were there? If yes, then you were subitizing without even realizing it! If not, then don’t worry. After watching our video, you will soon be able to subitize too.

To subitize means to look at a group or set of objects and know how many are there without counting each individual object. Most people can subitize up to 5 or 6 without much practice but if you want to go up to 10, it can take a little effort. Don’t worry though, we make it fun!

Why should you learn this?

Subitizing is a skill that can help you in both math and science. You can add numbers quicker and quantify what you’re looking at easier. Learning and using this skill helps you with pattern recognition which can help in other ways too.

Did you know that the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has identified subitizing as an important skill? According to the NCTM, “They can develop such capabilities as unitizing, counting on, and composing and decomposing numbers, as well as their understanding of arithmetic and place value-all valuable components of number sense.”

Level Up Your Subitize Skills

Keep Studying!

We hope you had fun!

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