What Shape Is It?

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What Shape Is It?

What Shape Is It

Hello, Rocketeers! Diggle here with another 2D shapes lesson. Today we’ll learn how to ask and answer, “What shape is it?” Once you feel comfortable with the names of the shapes, we can learn this simple question and answer dialogue.

For Example

What shape is it?

It’s a…
It’s a square.
It’s a circle.

In this video we cover many of the shapes we previously learned including circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star, heart, diamond, crescent, hexagon and more.

What Shape Is It?

After watching the video and practicing, you should be able to identify and name basic shapes. Look around you. What shapes do you see?

Basic Shapes Writing and Coloring Book
Download our FREE Basic Shapes Writing and Coloring Book. Fill in the blank with the name of the shape. Watch our 2D shapes video if you need a hint! Coloring-and-Writing-Basic-Shapes.pdf